APDIM Surveys

Topic & Full Proposal Submission Guidelines

APDIM has been surveying its members since 1999 and annually since 2005. This effort has resulted in educational scholarship and generalizable knowledge about internal medicine residencies in the United States.

Email surveys@im.org for more information.

Focus of Questions

Questions appropriate for the APDIM survey are essential to APDIM and its members to inform policy, provide information for strategic planning within the organization, enhance research, and provide a platform for APDIM to gain national recognition with other organizations. 

Successful Proposal Example  

Step 1: Preparing a Survey Topic for Submission

Requirements and Standards

Interested in proposing a topic for inclusion in the APDIM’s Annual Survey of Program Directors? Please prepare a maximum 250-word paragraph explaining your proposed topic for the yearly APDIM Survey.

Topics should be relevant and of interest to the APDIM community at large. The deadline for topics to be considered is July 1, 2019. All topic proposals will be considered by the APDIM Survey Committee. The committee will choose six to seven topics for consideration of full proposals.

Proposals will be reviewed based on—but not limited to—the following criteria:

  • Can program directors can answer the survey questions?
  • Will the results be important to the APDIM membership?
  • Will the answers have implications more broadly for GME?

You will be notified by August 1 whether your topic is eligible for a full proposal. The deadline for full proposals (if invited) is September 30, 2019. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection approximately one week after the APDIM Survey Committee’s October/Fall meeting.

Step 2: Preparing Full Proposal for Submission

Requirements and Standards

Full proposal should contain: Explanation of the topic, relevant literature, hypothesis for questions, and a first draft of questions.

If your topic has been selected, you will be contacted by surveys@im.org and invited to complete a full online proposal submission form no later than September 30, 2019. The APDIM Survey Committee gives first priority to questions of greatest importance to APDIM and its membership. Survey section submissions should include no more than eight to 10 question items for the proposal. The goal is to produce results which are informative to the APDIM membership and publishable to include a wider audience.

If your topic is not chosen for this year’s survey, you will be notified approximately one week after the APDIM Survey Committee’s October/Fall meeting. You will receive comments and feedback from the committee. After making changes, you are welcome to resubmit for subsequent surveys.

Online Submission Form Includes:

  • Section Title*
  • Problem/Topic/Issue of Concern. (250 words or fewer)*
  • Theoretical Framework/Background/Significance to APDIM. (500 words or fewer)*
  • Hypothesis/Research Question (100 words or fewer)*
  • References (If applicable)
  • Questions (no more than eight to 10)

Terms of Agreement

Authors must submit questions by September 30 to be considered for inclusion in the following year’s survey. It is strongly encouraged to review past surveys and and publications to ascertain whether a topic or set of questions has been included. If an author’s section is selected for inclusion, the author agrees to have their section edited by the APDIM Survey Committee and APDIM Council.

View recent survey sections (PDF)

After the APDIM survey is closed and the raw data are distributed, section authors have six months to draft a manuscript for publication. In addition, it is expected that co-authors from the APDIM Survey Committee will assist with manuscript preparation based on their interest and involvement in the particular section on the survey.

If after six month’s time, the author has not prepared an initial draft manuscript, the Survey Committee reserves the right to assume the lead on manuscript preparation. The author is still included on the authorship list, but may not appear as first author if someone else writes the manuscript.

Section authors have the opportunity to meet with members of the APDIM Survey Committee at APDIM/AAIM meetings to discuss and receive help to outline a manuscript. 


Step 1
Topic consideration: July 1, 2019

Step 2
Full proposal (if invited): September 30, 2019

The submission process is now closed.