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Safer Together: An Novel Interprofessional Near-Miss Root Cause Analysis Curriculum

The Near Miss Root Cause Analysis was developed as a practicum in patient safety, giving residents hands on experience in error evaluation. The project team expanded the original curriculum by adding multiple professions to the investigation group, developing a more comprehensive...


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Systems of Care Curriculum for Hospitalist Residents

The goal of this project was to expand the existing stroke systems of care curriculum for hospitalist residents to another clinical microsystem: stroke alerts. Stroke alerts involve complex interprofessional collaboration and transitions of care, yet must operate seamlessly to achieve optimal...


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DX: Diagnostic Excellence - A Prototype Virtual Patient Case to Reduce Diagnostic Error

Links: DX: Diagnostic Excellence online course on Aquifer , Med Ed Portal Decision - Diagnosis: An Introduction to Diagnostic Error and Medical Decision-Making The aim of the project was to develop and evaluate the prototype case for a series of online virtual patient cases focused on...


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Cap Assisted Colonoscopy and Quality Based Competency in Colonoscopy among Trainees

The project is a single center, prospective, randomized controlled trial of colonoscopies performed by GI trainees to determine if cap assisted colonoscopy results in improved technical and quality measures of competency in novice endoscopy trainees. Cap assisted colonoscopy resulted in...


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Improving "Code Blue" Resuscitation in the Medical ICU: An Inter-Professional Approach Utilizing Team-Based Simulation and Interactive Group Training

Link: Improving "Code Blue" Curriculum and Video The project team created an inter-professional, simulation‐enhanced, team‐based "code blue" (In‐Hospital Cardiac Arrest or IHCA) curriculum that has been implemented monthly at the University of Louisville School of Medicine starting January...