2024-25 Tiered Program Signals

Internal Medicine Tiered Program Signals: 3 Gold and 12 Silver

The Alliance made the decision to increase Internal Medicine’s program signals to 15 for the 2024-2025 residency application cycle.  AAMC-ERAS will implement the following tired signaling structure for Internal Medicine: 3 Gold and 12 Silver program signals: 15 total.
Program signals help applicants indicate their interest to interview for and hopefully join a residency program that they will thrive in.  Residency programs benefit from using program signals by easing application selection and review process to focus on holistic review. Determining the ideal number of program signals can be difficult due to the diversity of Internal Medicine residency programs.  To address this challenge, the AAIM Residency Application Work Group collected the broader community’s opinion via town halls, considered discussions within each Alliance council, and reviewed data from external stakeholders to inform this change. 
The AAIM Residency Application Process Work Group is a cross-council group of Alliance volunteers. The AAIM Board of Directors charged the work group with examining the UME – GME transition application process for the benefit of applicants and programs and develop recommendations to guide Internal Medicine applicants, couples entering the match, advisors, and residency program faculty.

If you have any questions, please contact EducationAndResearch@im.org.

Disclaimer: AAIM and the AAIM Residency Application Process Work Group acknowledges that the process of signaling, the number and nature of signals, and its impact on applicants and programs are dynamic and warrant additional investigation and research.