About the Crimson Group

AAIM Executive Leadership Program August 4-10 2019

AAIM Executive Leadership Program: About the Crimson Group

The Crimson Group (TCG) designs and implements customized management education programs that are interactive, highly relevant to physicians and other health care professionals, and promote collaboration among multiple constituencies within organizations. TCG's goal is to bring managers, physicians, and other professionals together for joint problem solving and learning. TCG works with clients to develop programs that meet their management education needs; it uses curriculum materials that resonate with participants, allowing clear and quick application of concepts and frameworks to their professional situations. TCG strives for a learning process that engages rather than lectures. It makes extensive use of the case-study method, expects a high degree of preparation, and encourages active participation by the participants in the classroom discussions.

TCG maintains offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its co-founder, David W. Young, DBA, has 30 years of experience teaching in executive education programs at Harvard University, where he has taught in the programs for Health Systems Management, Executives in Managed Care, Chiefs of Clinical Service, and Leadership Development. TCG also collaborates with several faculty associates on field research projects and on the design and implementation of educational programs. Its clients include: Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, Penn State Geisinger Health System, Tufts Managed Care Institute, and others.

More information on TCG and its activities can be found at www.thecrimsongroup.net.