Set Your CCC Up for Success: Learn to Organize and Track Resident Assessment Data with Ease Using Mi

When:  Feb 21, 2024 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (ET)
The Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) must meet regularly to review all resident assessment data, determine the quality of the data, and synthesize it into judgements about resident competency development.   Presentation of accurate, clear, and concise information is essential for the CCC to advise the program director on resident promotion, remediation, or dismissal.  Yet, organizing and tracking assessment data for multiple residents can be especially difficult for large programs or when tracking residents requiring remediation.  To facilitate the efficient and effective review and presentation of resident assessment data for discussion at CCC meetings and later reporting to the ACGME, we developed a novel method for organizing, tracking, and presenting resident assessment data using Microsoft OneNote.   
In this webinar, presenters will provide step-by-step instruction for using Microsoft OneNote to view all resident demographic, schedule, wellness, scholarship, and assessment data (including exams, milestones, summative evaluation comments, self-assessments, alerts, informal feedback, meetings, and letters) in one location, which can be shared among members of the CCC.  Participants will learn in real time how to create class notebooks, organize resident information (by class, mentorship groups, and remediation needs), document resident meetings, add attachments, forward emails, and create a summary page of tagged ‘action items’ for follow up in OneNote.  Sample milestone tracking, self- assessment, and CCC summative documents used in our process will be provided. 
Presenters:  Jodie A. Reider, MD, and Lauren DiMarino, DO


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