Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Academic Internal Medicine Week 2020 will provide you with knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities to improve your ability to do your job as well as enhance your programs. AAIM wants to see you in Tampa!

But how do you convince the decision-makers about the value of this conference? Share the Academic Internal Medicine Week 2020 Attendance Proposal.

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Key Knowledge

Academic Internal Medicine Week 2020 offers six plenary sessions and six workshop sessions that offer a total of more than 130 learning opportunities. It's easy to mix large and small group learning, to create your own "learning track" based on interest or needs, or to learn from high-profile speakers from key regulatory agencies and from faculty and staff "in the trenches."

Precourses offer targeted, small group learning on hot topics. These boot camp-style, day long sessions are usually limited to 30 to 60 people and led by real world experts: faculty and staff who learned the lessons the hard way—by trying, modifying, and rebuilding—so that you can learn from their successes and their failures.

There are so many learning opportunities that no one can attend them all! That's why the Alliance makes the slide sets from as many plenaries and workshops as possible available to participants. Use them to share your newly acquired knowledge with others at your home institution or take a look and reach out to a speaker whose session you missed but whose work you want to learn more about.

Essential Networks

But learning doesn't only take place in the "classroom." Some of the most important interactions happen between sessions, in the hallways, on the exhibit floor, and at poster receptions. Find people like you—doing the same job, working in similar types of institutions, or struggling with the same kind of challenges—to build key networks that help you continue to learn and grow well after you leave the conference.

Value for the Fee

AAIM provides participants with breakfast and lunch daily for each day of the conference, including precourses. 

Ideas to Show Value for the Investment

Plan Ahead and Share Information

  • If your incoming chief residents will attend, use time in Tampa to establish rapport and relationship
  • Create an agenda for yourself of all the sessions and networking events you want to attend
  • If multiple people from your institution will attend, dedicate some time at the conference to discuss goals and strategy or make long-range plans
  • Ensure that you have a plan about how you will share the knowledge and skills you acquire with your colleagues when you return
  • Pair your program's short-term and long-term goals with sessions that will contribute the most to the goals
  • Make a list of the kind of contacts (institution type, job title, region, known for kind of program) you would like to make while onsite and use the participant list on the conference app to find them