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Even Better Together.

Our online communities unleash the power that comes with thousands of colleagues sharing similar challenges and new solutions to overcome.

Networking Through Online Communities

What are AAIM Communities?

AAIM Communities provide members the opportunity to network and collaborate online with thousands of academic internal medicine professionals by participating in discussion forums, sharing documents via file libraries, and blogging. There are communities for each association, as well as communities for areas of member interest.

To Start a Discussion

  1. Login to your account.
    1. Enter your username (your email address).
    2. Enter your password (if you need to recreate your password, select "Forgot Password")
  2. Hover over "Networking" and select "Communities"
  3. Select "Associations" then select your association (AIM, APDIM, APM, ASP, CDIM, MPPDA)
  4. Under "Forum," select "Associations: Discussions"
    • To start a new thread, select the "+" sign

To read or reply to an existing thread, select the thread.

Login to view your all your community options!

Association Communities

Association communities provide a centralized engagement area for members of a particular organization. There are association specific communities for AIM, APDIM, APM, ASP, and CDIM. In addition, there are communities for Residency Administrators, Clerkship Administrators, and Chief Residents Program participants. To access an association’s community, you must be a member of that association.

Visit your association’s community to see the latest news and discussions.

Communities By Topic

Communities by Topic (CBTs) are designed for collaboration across all faculty and staff in departments of medicine. These communities are ideal for subjects that span the educational continuum or for identifying a group of individuals who want to address a specific topic area. 

CBTs are grouped into seven categories: administration, curriculum, education, faculty development, networking, regional groups, and research. Under each category you will find a variety of issue-specific communities. CBTs are open to all members and chief residents program participants.   

Find a topic of interest and start collaborating!

Can’t Find a Community?

Members are encouraged to join communities based on their interests.  If a community has not been established for a specific topic, members are encouraged to suggest the creation of new groups by emailing memberservices@im.org

Do you have comments or feedback about AAIM online communities? Let us know!