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The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy.

CDIM Former Presidents

2017-2018 Andrew R. Hoellein, MD
L. James Nixon, MD
G. Dodd Denton, II, MD
Valerie J. Lang, MD
Sara B. Fazio, MD
Heather E. Harrell, MD
2011-2012 Jennifer R. Kogan, MD
2010-2011 Thomas M. De Fer, MD
2009-2010 Karen E. Hauer, MD
2008-2009 Philip A. Masters, MD
2007 Tayloe H. Loftus, MD
2006 Paul A. Hemmer, MD
2005 D. Michael Elnicki, MD
2004 Walter N. Kernan, MD
2003 Mark J. Fagan, MD
2002 Charles H. Griffith, III, MD
2001 Regina A. Kovach, MD
2000 Gary S. Ferenchick, MD
1999 David J. Theige, MD
1998 Maxine Papadakis, MD
1997 Louis N. Pangaro, MD
1996 Richard J. Simons, MD
1995 Gail Morrison, MD
1994 James O. Woolliscroft, MD
1993 H. Kenneth Walker, MD
1992 Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, MD
1991 Gregory J. Magarian, MD