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The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy.

ASP Former Presidents

2017-2018 Abraham Thomas, MD
Patty W. Wright, MD
Joshua D. Safer, MD
Mark W. Geraci, MD
John P. Flaherty, MD
Scott D. Gitlin, MD
2011-2012 Don C. Rockey, MD
2010-2011 Lawrence J. Kerzner, MD
2009-2010 Thomas G. Mason, II, MD
2008-2009 Linda J. Burns, MD
2007-2008 Walter G. Barr, MD
2006-2007 Stuart L. Linas, MD
2005-2006 Kevin P. High, MD
2004-2005 Jonathan C. Weissler, MD
2003-2004 Paul W. Ladenson, MD
2002-2003 Dennis W. Boulware, MD
2001-2002 Robert A. Rizza, MD
2000-2001 K. Randall Young, Jr., MD
1999-2000 Russel E. Kaufman, MD
1998-1999 Mark S. Klempner, MD
1997-1998 Robert J. Myerburg, MD
1996-1997 Robert J. Mayer, MD
1995-1996 Eric G. Neilson, MD