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The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy.

APM Former Presidents

2016-2017 Mary E. Klotman, MD
James D. Marsh, MD
 Robert F. Todd, III, MD, PhD
 Wendy S. Levinson, MD
Michael S. Bronze, MD
2011-2012 Richard A. Walsh, MD
2010-2011 Andrew I. Schafer, MD
2009-2010 Mark L. Zeidel, MD
2008-2009 David E. Steward, MD
2007-2008 William J. Bremner, MD, PhD
2006-2007 Barbara L. Schuster, MD
2005-2006 Lee Goldman, MD
2004-2005 Jeffrey Glassroth, MD
2003-2004 Laurence B. Gardner, MD
2002-2003 John B. O’Connell, MD
2001-2002 Richard D. deShazo, MD
2000-2001 D. Craig Brater, MD
1998-1999 Sidney Cohen, MD
1997-1998 Daniel W. Foster, MD
1996-1997 Maurice A. Mufson, MD
1995-1996 Arthur H. Rubenstein, MD
1994-1995 John D. Stobo, MD
1993-1994 James P. Nolan, MD
1992-1993 Robert Glickman, MD
1991-1992 J. Claude Bennett, MD
1990-1991 Gerald Levey, MD
1989-1990 Thomas Ferris, MD
1988-1989 Norman Levinsky, MD
1987-1988 Harold J. Fallon, MD
1986-1987 Norton J. Greenberger, MD
1985-1986 Jay H. Stein, MD
1984-1985 J. Willis Hurst, MD
1983-1984 Laurence Earley, MD
1982-1983 Joseph Johnson, MD
1981-1982 Edward Hook, MD
1980-1981 David Solomon, MD
1979-1980 Alvin Tarlov, MD
1978-1979 Lloyd Smith, Jr., MD
1977-1978 Grant Liddle, MD
1976-1977 Sol Sherry, MD
1975-1976 Gene H. Stollerman, MD
1974-1975 Eugene Braunwald, MD
1973-1974 Saul Farber, MD
1972-1973 Louis G. Welt, MD
1971-1972 Donald W. Seldin, MD
1970-1971 Robert Petersdorf, MD
1969-1970 Ludwig Eichna, MD
1968-1969 John B. Hickam, MD
1967-1968 James V. Warren, MD
1966-1967 Lawrence E. Young, MD
1965-1966 Maxwell Wintrobe, MD