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Even Better Together.

The quality and quantity of tools such as workshops, presentations and curriculum support is magnified when we work together.

Material Produced by the Project

A Practical Approach to Evaluation in the Ambulatory Setting in the Era of the New ACGME General Competencies

Advanced Precepting: A Learner-Centered Approach

Ambulatory Teaching: Time Efficient and Effective Strategies

American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine Survey of Community-Based Preceptors

Arrows in the Quiver: Being on Target as an Ambulatory Teacher

Basic Precepting Skills: Learning and Teaching the One-Minute Preceptor

Bedside Teaching

Community-Based Teaching or Welcome to Not-the-Clinic

Data on Faculty Development for Community-Based Internal Medicine Faculty

Defining and Evaluating the Quality of Ambulatory Teaching Sites

Designing and Implementing Local Faculty Development Programs

Designing and Implementing Workshops

Designing and Implementing Workshops: Practical Tips

Effective (and Efficient) Evaluation and Feedback: An Approach and Some Tips for Outpatient Teaching

Effective Feedback and Evaluation in Clinical Medicine: A Faculty Development Workshop

Experience Examined: Feedback and Evaluation in Clinical Learning

Improving the Accuracy of Raters: Direct Observation Workshop

Orienting Learners to the Outpatient Setting: Goals, Expectations, Learning Strategies

Practical Tips for Self-Directed Learning

Precepting in the Presence of the Patient: A Practical Model for Preceptor-Trainee-Patient Encounters

Recruiting, Maintaining, and Rewarding Community-Based Preceptors (handout)

Recruiting, Maintaining, and Rewarding Community-Based Preceptors (slides)

Role Models: Their Importance and Their Development

Self-Assessment of Change Agent Competencies

Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting

Teaching Professionalism in the Community-Based Setting

The One Minute Preceptor: Microskills of Clinical Teaching

The One Minute Preceptor: Notes for Workshop Facilitators

Understanding the Costs & Benefits of Outpatient Teaching

Understanding the Role of Diversity in Faculty Development