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Even Better Together.

The quality and quantity of tools such as workshops, presentations and curriculum support is magnified when we work together.

About the Project

In 1997, the Health Resources and Services Administration contracted with the internal medicine community to provide leadership in the development of educators working in community-based settings. The goal of the General Internal Medicine Faculty Development Project, which ended September 30, 2002, is to improve the quality of internal medicine education medical students and residents receive in community-based settings. To this end, the project pursued a train-the-trainer model by working with 110 institutions to educate a core team about faculty development. Following this education, the teams were prepared to implement faculty development efforts locally.

This website provides additional information on the work of the project. The section entitled "Material Produced by the Project" contains presentations by speakers at the project's four national meetings. In "Material Produced by Project Participants" you can view the abstracts and works-in-progress submitted by participants in the project's final meeting.