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The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy.

Program Administrator Committees

APDIM Program Administrators Certification Committee

Chaired by Cheryl H. Moss

The PA certification committee is charged to explore the development of certification (including criteria, processes, and requirements) for program administrators.

APDIM Program Administrators Member Services Workgroup

Chaired by Michelle Herbers

The PA member services workgroup is charged to work with current members to gain feedback and coordinate development activities as well as develop strategies to recruit and welcome new PAs to APDIM. The committee also oversees the APDIM PA Mentor Program.

APDIM Program Administrators Program Planning Committee Chaired by Mary Sarah Thanas
Vice Chaired by Denise Keyser

The PA program planning committee is charged to develop plenary and workshop sessions for the APDIM Program Administrators Meeting. The committee will also represent program administrators in the development of a more unified and cohesive AAIM meetings portfolio.

APDIM Program Administrators Survey Committee

Chaired by Kelly N. Spielmann

This PA survey and scholarship committee is charged to coordinate the creation, distribution, and analysis of all PA surveys and data.

For more information about serving on one of the APDIM PA committees contact memberservices@im.org.