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The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy.

Clerkship Administrator Committees

CDIM Clerkship Administrators Program Planning Committee
Chaired by Lisa Oliver

The CA program planning committee is charged to develop plenary and workshop sessions for the CDIM Precourse for Clerkship Administrators. The committee will also represent clerkship administrators in the development of a more unified and cohesive AAIM meetings portfolio.

CDIM Clerkship Administrators Professional Development Committee
Chaired by Kenneth Staack

The CA professional development committee is charged with identifying educational and professional development opportunities, developing materials, managing the Clerkship Administrators Mentoring Program (CAMP), and serving as a liaison between internal medicine clerkship administrastors and the ACUME certification organization.

CDIM Clerkship Administrators Survey and Scholarship Committee
Chaired by Brieanne Dubinsky

The CA survey and scholarship committee charged with developing and distributing three clerkship administrator newsletters each year; coordinating publication of materials; developing, distributing, and compiling organizational surveys for clerkship administrators; and developing research projects.