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Even Better Together

By coming together, we identify new, relevant opportunities to learn, collaborate, and share.

CDIM Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, MD, Service Award - Previous Award Recipients:

2015 Walter N. Kernan, MD, PhD
Steven J. Durning, MD, PhD
2013 Gary S. Ferenchick, MD
2012 Philip A. Masters, MD
2011 Charles P. Clayton
2010 Paul A. Hemmer, MD
2009 Shalini T. Reddy, MD
2008 D. Michael Elnicki, MD
2007 Regina A. Kovach, MD
2006 Mark J. Fagan, MD
2005 Louis N. Pangaro, MD
2004 Debbie J. Stevens
2003 CDIM Staff
2002 Lynn M. Cleary, MD
2001 Thomas Painter, MD
2000 Michael Jacobs, MD
1999 Gregory Magarian, MD
1998 Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, MD