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APDIM Dema C. Daley Founders Award

The APDIM Dema C. Daley Founders Award honors a member of the internal medicine community recognized nationally as an educator, innovator, and leader. Past recipients’ contributions have influenced areas of undergraduate and graduate medical education and the development of training programs in internal medicine, APDIM, or other organizations that are educationally focused.

In 2003, APDIM dedicated the award to Dema C. Daley. Ms. Daley served as APDIM Executive Director from 1987 to 2000; recognizing her contributions, the APDIM Council promoted her to Executive Vice President in 2001, a position she held until her death in July 2002. During her 15 years as the association’s leader, Ms. Daley helped APDIM become “the preeminent professional organization in graduate medical education noted for its promotion of excellence and innovation in leadership and educational methodologies.”

If you have questions about the APDIM Dema C. Daley Founders Award, please contact AAIM Member Services at (703) 341-4540 or memberservices@im.org.