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High Value Care Presentations

AAIM conferences provide an opportunity for faculty and staff to share their knowledge and expertise in high value care.

Presentations in 2016

APDIM Spring Conference
Interprofessional Communication Skills to Promote High Value Care: Buy One, Get One Free
Deepa Rani Nandiwada, MD, Amar Kohli, MD, and Shanta Zimmer, MD

Teaching Cost-Conscious, Patient-Centered Care in DIME (Diagnostic Integrity and Medical Efficiency) Rounds–A Novel Approach
Faisal Rahman, MD, Katherine Brunner, MD, Usman Tahir, MD, and Nicholas Bosch, MD

From the Ground Up: A Grassroots Approach to Teaching High Value Care (Abstract)    
Colin Robinson, MD, Cody Dashiell-Earp, MD, Sara-Megumi Naylor, MD, Alexandra Milin, MD, Gurveen Sandhu, MD, Brenton Bauer, MD, and Jodi Friedman, MD
An Interactive, Team-Based Clinical Problem Solving Competition with a High Value Care Twist (Presented at Chiefs Conference)
Melissa Hagman, MD, Sophia Ambruso, DO, and Danielle Orchard, MD

Presentations in 2015

APM Winter Meeting
Overcoming a Culture Overrun with Overuse: Teaching High Value Care in Departments of Medicine 
Wendy Levinson, MD, Vineet Arora, MD, MAPP and Christopher Moriates, MD
APDIM Spring Conference
Choosing Wisely: How to Teach Performance Improvement and High Value Care 
Laura Bateman, MD, William Davis, MD and David Lee, MD
Academic Internal Medicine Week
Forum: Let's Make a High Value Care Curriculum 
Amit K. Pahwa, MD, Melvin Blanchard, MD, and Kimberly Tartaglia, MD

Presentations in 2014

APM Winter Meeting
Choosing Wisely Implementation & Faculty Promotion Based on Quality/Safety
Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD

Seeing in Believing, the Business Case for Quality
Richard P. Shannon, MD

Developing Academic Careers in QI
Mark L. Zeidel, MD

APDIM Spring Conference
How to Incorporate High Value Care (HVC) Curricula into Existing Educational Conferences
Suzanne Brandenurg, MD, Brandon Combs, MD, Kerilyn Gwisdalla, MD, and Lauren Meade, MD

Academic Internal Medicine Week
High Value Care Education: Teaching Learners to Reduce Waste and Improve Outcomes
Cynthia D. Smith, MD

Creating Value for Patients in an Era of Accountability
Thomas Graf, MD

Got Value? How to engage Students in Practicing High Value Care
Kimberly Tartaglia, MD, Heather Harrell, MD, Amit Pahwa, MD, and Eileen Moser, MD

An Integrated High Value High Quality Curriculum: Faculty, Fellows, and Residents
Monika Shah, MD, Lia Logio, MD, Brian Bosworth, MD, and Dana Zappetti, MD

The PDSA Cycles of a Joint Quality Improvement and High Value Care Curriculum in a Low Resource Setting
Anne Cioletti, MD, Suzanne Sweidan, MD, and Margaret Gloria, MD

Presentations in 2013

APM Winter Meeting
Stewardship of Resources in the Training Environment: Wasting the Buck Stops Here
Steven Weinberger, MD

Academic Internal Medicine Week
Experienced Administrators: Quality Improvement in the Internal Medicine Clerkship
Cindy J. Neczypor and Meskerem Lloyd

Implementation of the High Value, Cost-Conscious Care Curriculum in a Community-Based Internal Medicine Residency (Poster and Abstract)
Shagufta N. Ali, MD

Presentations in 2012

Academic Internal Medicine Week
Development of a Cost-Benefit Curriculum for Undergraduate Medical Education (Poster and Abstract)
Kimberly M. Tartaglia, MD, Nicholas Kman, MD, Holly Cronau, MD, and Cynthia Ledford, MD