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Our strength in numbers has impact and influence on legislative decision makers and partnering organizations.


AAIM constituent organizations recognize the authority of two accrediting bodies:

AAIM Provides Comments on ACGME's Proposed Section VI Revisions 

In response to ACGME's significant proposed revisions to Common Program Requirements Section VI, on December 19, AAIM provided comments and feedback on the proposed duty hours requirements and impact statement. While the revisions generally align with AAIM's recommendations to the ACGME Phase I Task Force, Alliance members are concerned about the substantially increased expectations for faculty and the absence of clear-cut requirements for institutions to support the new mandates.

Read the letter

AAIM Responds to ACGME Call for Comments on Sections I-IV

In mid-September, ACGME invited AAIM to provide a position paper on sections of the current common program requirements (sponsoring institutions and participating sites; program director and faculty member qualifications and responsibilities; resident/fellow appointment, including eligibility; the educational program, including scholarly activity; and evaluation).  AAIM submitted its feedback Friday, October 28, in keeping with the ACGME deadline; key themes including systems to ensure wellness for residents and fellows; mandating infrastructural support; clarifying service v. education; using electronic medical records; and providing leadership training

Read AAIM's comments (PDF)

AAIM Provides Feedback on ACGME Focused Revisions

In response to the August 15 request for feedback on ACGME Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Internal Medicine V.C.2.c).(1), V.C.2.c).(2), V.C.2.c).(3), AAIM submitted comments that noted that while the change does not materially change the expectation for the percentage of graduates taking (or passing) board certification exam, creating separate expectations for each exam rather than a three-year rolling pass rate may place smaller programs at risk for noncompliance.

Read AAIM's comments (PDF)


Internal Medicine Education Community Supports ACGME and the iCOMPARE Trial

In response to a December 7 letter from ACGME President and CEO Thomas J. Nasca, MD, publicly reiterating its support for iCOMPARE--a large, multicenter clinical trial investigating the impact of duty hour standards on patient safety and resident education--AAIM, ACP, SGIM, and SHM have issued a joint letter of support for this investigation. The letters come in the wake of criticism from Public Citizen and the American Medical Student Association about the trial sent to regulatory and legislative entities in November calling for suspension and oversight investigation.

Read the letter from the internal medicine education community

AAIM Provides Position Statement on Duty Hours Requirements to ACGME

At the request of ACGME in a December 21 letter, the Alliance has provided evidence-based feedback in a position paper about the duty hours requirements. This input will inform ACGME in its deliberations on these important aspects of educational programs; the solicited feedback will be discussed at the ACGME Congress on the Resident Learning and Working Environment March 16-17.

AAIM thanks the writing group for its work to develop this position statement: Alpesh N. Amin, MD;John H. Choe, MD; Frances A. Collichio, MD; Lia S. Logio, MD, Writing Group Co-Chair; Maria Maldonado, MD; James D. Marsh, MD; Caroline Milne, MD; Isitri Modak, MD; John P. Moriarty, MD, Writing Group Co-Chair; Polly Parsons, MD; Sara L. Swenson, MD; Bipin Thapa, MD; and Gopal Yadavalli, MD.

Read the AAIM position statement on duty hours requirements (PDF)