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2018 APDIM Fall Meeting

The 2018 APDIM Fall Meeting will provide residency faculty and administrators at all levels with knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities to improve your ability to do your job as well as enhance your programs. AAIM wants to see you in Orlando!

Agenda Highlights

APDIM President’s Plenary
Viewing Uncertainty as Opportunity: Creating an Effective Mindset for Peak Performance

In 2013, ACGME began a scenario-based strategic planning process to reimagine how we will educate today's residents to practice internal medicine in 2035. The work has provided a new paradigm for “anticipatory education.” Graduates will need to maintain a patient-centered focus while juggling economic pressures, algorithms, and protocols. The principles of “peak performance” can help program directors prepare residents—and ourselves—to manage the uncertainty, risk, and opportunity of Medicine 2035.

Sara A. Hickmann, PhD, is a psychologist who specializes in promoting peak performance. She currently works for the Behavioral Health/Human Performance Program of US Naval Special Warfare Group ONE; she formerly served as Clinical and Sport Psychologist on the medical staff of the New York Jets and the Brooklyn Nets. Dr. Hickmann earned her PhD in clinical psychology from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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