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2018 APM Winter Meeting Who Should Attend

In addition to its members, APM is pleased to expand its winter meeting audience to faculty and staff in departments of internal medicine at medical schools and affiliated teaching hospitals, particularly chief administrative officers and subspecialty division chiefs. Each APM member—institutional, affiliate, and emeritus—is encouraged to invite up to two faculty members from their institution to join them at the 2018 APM Winter Meeting. All invited faculty will participate fully in the meeting and must pay the participant registration fee to attend.

Invited faculty and staff will not represent the association member at the winter meeting; APM expects all members who intend to invite faculty and staff to also participate themselves. Registrations for non-members may be cancelled at APM’s discretion if the institutional or affiliate member does not register.

Invite Your Vice Chair for Research

A plenary session dedicated to enhancing the role of research vice chairs will occur on Monday, March 19. To facilitate the invitation process, please provide APM with the name and email address for the vice chair at your institution by emailing educationalprograms@im.org.

A special session will be offered for vice chairs of research on Tuesday, March 20, over breakfast.