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Code Blue Simulation Curriculum

The project team at the University of Louisville School of Medicine created an inter-professional, simulation‐enhanced, team‐based "code blue" (In‐Hospital Cardiac Arrest or IHCA) curriculum to improve housestaff comfort and preparedness to perform various resuscitation skills during "code blue," and to serve as code team leader.
Project Author:  Lorrel E. Brown, MD, University of Louisville School of Medicine

Stable Ventricular Tachycardia with deterioration to Pulseless VT/VF Cardiac Arrest

Primary Goal:  To improve the ACLS algorithm adherence and leadership skills of medicine residents when responding to in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) in the ICU.

Secondary Goal:  To improve inter-professional communication, leadership, and teamwork during code blue (including RN, RT, and pharmacy) in the ICU.


Upon completion of this curriculum, participants will:

  1. Adhere to ACLS algorithms and AHA/ACCF guidelines when leading resuscitation efforts during code blue.
  2. Demonstrate awareness and management of practical factors that contribute to success of resuscitation efforts.
  3. Demonstrate effective leadership, communication, and teamwork skills during code blue.
  4. Physician participants will increase confidence and preparedness for leading real-world code blue.

Code Blue Simulation Curriculum (PDF)