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MPPDA Brendan Kelly Award

About the Award:

Dr. Brendan Kelly served as the Associate Program Director of the Baystate Medicine-Pediatrics Program for 18 years. Throughout his medical career, Brendan was a skilled and passionate teacher of residents and medical students, earning a total of 19 medical student teaching awards. He was the founder and director of the first and only national conference for Med-Peds physicians. As a medical educator, Dr. Kelly was known as an incredibly engaging and effective teacher, a master of the art of physical diagnosis, and an expert in giving feedback and teaching professionalism. He was a tireless advocate for all those he cared about: his family, patients, students, colleagues, and nursing staff. At the national level, he was a highly regarded leader anda much beloved friend to all in the medicine-pediatrics community.

Nominating Criteria:

The Brendan Kelly Award is to be awarded annually by the MPPDA to an Associate Program Director of a Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program who demonstrates the teaching excellence, collaborative leadership, and compassionate patient care that Dr. Kelly modeled so well. Program Directors may nominate an Associate Program Director who shall be in their position as APD at the time of the annual MPPDA meeting.