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CCC Resident Engagement

Heeding the advice that “resident and fellows must be active agents in the system,” from ACGME Clinical Competency Committees, A Guidebook for Programs, the AAIM CCC Collaborative Learning Community performed a multi-institution study regarding resident knowledge of CCC function and how they could be best engaged in the CCC. This material describes methods of resident engagement before, during, and after CCC meetings.

The objectives of the presentation are:
1. Review requirements and rationale for resident engagement in CCCs
2. Explore where residents see themselves in the engagement process
3. Describe potential mechanisms for resident engagement before, during and after CCC deliberation
4. Review successes and challenges in resident engagement

Handout available


Jacqueline Darcey, MD
Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD
Jennifer Jeremiah, MD
Candice Mateja, MD

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