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HVC Assessment Tools - Facilitated Discussions

Facilitated Small Group Cases

Learner Level: Residents (could be used for medical students)
University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville
Submitted by:
Mark Rasnake, MD
Facilitated discussion/structured small group cases focusing on high value care in reventive care and screening in (Case 1) older female and (Case 2) younger, newly diagnosed Type II diabetic.

Right Care Rounds

Learner Level:  Administration, Practicing Physicians, Medical Students, Residents, Fellows
University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Lown Institute
Submitted by:
Brandon Combs, MD
Description:  Right Care Rounds uses the familiar case presentation format to explore and identify drivers of medical overuse and the associated harms in an individual patient case. Right Care Rounds is meant to be easily adaptable and can occur within existing educational time slots e.g. morning report, noon conference, or Grand Rounds and uses the familiar cause‐and‐effect diagram, or “fishbone” as a cognitive tool.  Provides a general framework for structuring the narrative and a method for implementation into the residency training program.