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Even Better Together.

Our strength in numbers has impact and influence on legislative decision makers and partnering organizations.

AAIM Health Policy Committee

The AAIM Health Policy Committee is charged to review, vet, and make recommendations for Alliance positions on health policy statements as identified by the AAIM Board of Directors, AAIM committees, and councils; inform and update AAIM members about health policy-related issues; and execute the annual AAIM Hill Day activities.

AAIM Health Policy Committee projects (as of May 2017):
  1. ACP Leadership Day 2017—collaborating with ACP in preparation for the ACP Leadership Day 2017, May 23-24, 2017, in Washington, DC. AAIM will continue to advocate for GME financing and reform.
  2. Advocacy Resource Center—launching July 2017, this online benefit will serve as an advocacy resource for internal medicine programs, highlighting important issues within medical education, providing guidance for advocating while navigating the legislative process, and sharing advocacy/health policy curricula from training programs across the country.
  3. AAIM Health Policy Consultant Model—drafted a proposal introducing a health policy consultant model for AAIM committees. This would allow the committee to collaborate with other AAIM-level committees by providing support for addressing policy issues for committee specific topics. The Committee Chairs Work Group recently reviewed and approved the proposed model.
  4. Health Policy Blog—Monthly blogs The most recent posts focused on the effects the new administration is having on academic medicine and how to effectively advocate for the health care community in a highly charged political environment.
  5. GME Performance Metrics manuscript—submitted for publication.

For more information about serving on an AAIM committee, please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or academicaffairs@im.org.

FY 2017 Roster

Chair: Susan Lane, MD
Vice Chair: Niraj Sharma, MD

Marissa Blum, MD
Suzanne L. Brandenburg, MD (ASP liaison)
Nancy J. Brown, MD (APM liaison)
L. Curtis Cary, MD
Barbara R. Casper, MD
Joseph D'Ambrosio, MD
Allison S. DeKosky, MD
Maria Garcia, MD
John Joseph Gough
Rajesh Gulati, MD
Mark C. Henderson, MD
Andrew R. Hoellein, MD
David H. Johnson, MD
John I. Kennedy, Jr., MD
Nazia Naz S. Khan, MD
Daniel I Kim, MD
Nancy Masucci (AIM liaison)
Caroline Milne, MD (APDIM liaison)
Natasha Parekh, MD
Jose A. Perez, Jr., MD
James B. Reilly, MD
Alwin F. Steinmann, MD
Anita Tammara, MD