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Return on Investment

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The 2016 AAIM Skills Development Conference will provide knowledge and skills neccessary to do your job more effectively and climb the rungs of the leadership ladder.

This workshop-heavy conference will provide tactical, out of the box tools to help faculty and staff be better administrators, teachers, mentors, and employees.  Inspirational plenaries will remind you why you signed up for this job in the first place, and networking opportunities will remind you that you're not alone!

Here's how you can show the value and return on investment in attending the meeting. 

    Unique Networking Opportunities                 

    • Meet with the colleagues in your particular role or collaborate with faculty or staff from other parts of the department. 
    • Opportunities to make valuable connections with other professionals who are in the same role as you and who face the same challenges. 
    • You will receive a sortable list of participants prior to the conference so you can decide who you need to meet.

     Timely and Relevant Education                 

    • You will bring back specific skills and ideas to your institution that you can implement immediately. 
    • The sessions chosen for the conference were selected by your peers and represent the information you need to know now.
    • You will have a chance to review and discuss research and programmatic innovation posters from medical education faculty and staff. 

     Access to the Material                 

    • Speaker handouts will be available online in PDF format for participants to review prior to the conference and after. 
    • Even though you can't attend every session, you can review the slides and handouts for key points.

     CME Credits Available                 

    • This meeting is a great way to earn CME credit hours and is less expensive than registering for separate conferences.  It also requires less time away from the office.