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CCC Faculty Development Toolkit

Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) faculty have a unique view of their assessment systems as they have to review all resident assessment data, determine the quality of that data, and synthesize it into judgements about residents’ achievement of the milestones.  As such, it is essential that faculty who participate in the CCC, and in other aspects of the resident assessment process, be knowledgeable about the milestones, current assessment methods, interpretation of assessment data, and rater error, among other topics.  It is also important that they have the ability to identify areas for improvement in the assessment process and to implement changes that will aid the CCC in tracking each resident’s progression in the milestones.  The AAIM CCC Collaborative Learning Community identified and developed user friendly tools that programs can use to educate their core faculty and CCC members. Each module comes with Powerpoint slides that can be edited to suit your program and a guide for the facilitator/presenter.

Rater Feedback Training

•    Powerpoint Slides
•    Facilitator's Guide
•    Contact: Adam Treitman, MD

SWOT Workshop

•    Powerpoint Slides
•    Facilitator's Guide
•    Contact:  Andem E. Ekpenyong, MD

Shift Cards in the Resident Outpatient Clinic

•    Powerpoint Slides
•    Facilitator's Guide
•    Contact: Matt Burday, DO

Art and Science of Resident Assessment

•    Powerpoint Slides
•    Facilitator's Guide
•    Contact: Jaya Raj, MD

Other CCC Tools and Resources