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AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee

The AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee is charged to develop programs and resources for faculty and staff responsible for preparing internal medicine residents for their transition from residency to fellowship training; and monitor issues related to the transition from residency to fellowship.

Committee Update as of September, 2017:

  1. An RFIC work group, led by Patricia A. Cornett, MD, conducted a survey to assess fellowship applicants’ experience during the 2016 recruitment season. The questionnaire was directed to understand the frequency of requests for supplemental applications, interview acceptance rates, and frequency of sensitive questions during interview and post-interview communication. The workgroup is currently working on a manuscript for publication in fall 2017. 
  1. Led by Richard L. Alweis, MD, a work group composed of members from RFIC, APDIM Council, and ASP Council published its paper in May 2017, reflecting Board endorsement of guidelines for writing program director letter of recommendation for fellowship. This work group also disseminated a survey via the APDIM discussion forum to assess current practices of letter writing, and has sent a follow-up survey to residency PDs. A survey will be sent to fellowship PDs in November. Members from RFIC, ASP Council, and APDIM Council will conduct a workshop at the Alliance Skills and Leadership Conference on using the new guidelines.
  1. Led by Melanie Sulistio, MD, a work group is developing a research initiative to understand resident trends in career choice in light of the advance of hospital medicine.

  2. The chairs of the Education Committee, the AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee, and the AAIM Medical Student to Resident Committee will present a committee update at the Alliance Skills and Leadership Conference.

For more information about serving on an AAIM committee, please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or academicaffairs@im.org.


Chair: Elaine Muchmore, MD
Vice Chair: Richard L. Alweis, MD

Nancy Day Adams, MD (ASP liaison)
Sheilah Bernard, MD
Ellen Cohen, MD
Rosemarie L. Conigliaro, MD
Patricia A. Cornett, MD
Bhavin Dalal, MD
Stephanie L. Elkins, MD
Michael Frank, MD
Raymond C. Hilu, MD
Kelli King-Morris, MD
Richard I. Kopelman, MD
Vera P. Luther, MD
John F. McConville, MD
Alec O'Connor, MD
Anna Person, MD
James C. Pile, MD
Teresa K. Roth
Melanie Sulistio, MD
Ellen Thompson, MD