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AAIM Communications Committee

The AAIM Communications Committee is charged with the development and oversight of a communications strategy that will inform members on the breadth and impact of AAIM activities and those of the founding member organizations; oversight of the marketing and promotion of various publications of the organization; identifying and evaluating new publication and communication opportunities.

The committee's term ended June 30, 2016.

During its monthly conference calls, the AAIM Communications Committee has undertaken the planning of three major efforts:  the website renovation, the discussion forum “opt in,” and the communications staffing structure for the Alliance.

The new website was launched June 1.  Due to some technical delays, the beta test period was shorter than originally intended.  Preliminary opinion about the new site is favorable; staff are dedicating blocks of time to “clean up” the pages.  All content should be correct and materials tagged (to facilitate searching) by August 31.

The discussion forum “opt in” continues with very few unsubscribe requests but little increase in traffic (i.e. number of threads or responses to threads).  Staff will track opt in, opt out, number of threads, and number of responses for one year to assess the utility of the change.

The AAIM Finance Committee and Board of Directors approved the committee’s request for a full time manager for the website and social media activities.  Recruitment for the new position will begin in late July.  The manager’s main areas of focus will be refreshing and building new content for the website as well as building up community features, such as blogs, discussion forums, and communities by topic.

Communication Strategy Group’s (CSG) contract has been renewed for FY 2017.  The final work plan is still in development but will likely include the new member experience, active marketing for conferences, video opportunities for the website, adjusted social media strategy, a “member center” for the in-person conferences, and increased support of marketing and branding activities.

The AAIM Communications Committee will sunset in June 2016.  The website and discussion board activity will be monitored by the AAIM Member Engagement Committee beginning in FY 2017.

FY 2016 Roster

Chair: Asher A. Tulsky, MD

Brian M. Aboff, MD
Kimberly Baker-Genaw, MD
Suzanne L. Brandenburg, MD
Alfred A. Dunn
Emily Fondahn, MD
Charin Hanlon, MD
Timothy J. Heffer
Turi McNamee, MD
Graydon Meneilly, MD
Sara L. Swenson, MD
Bipin Thapa, MD
Ginger Wilson
Laura J. Zakowski, MD