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Research and Programmatic Innovation Abstract Posters

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The APDIM Poster Reception will be held Tuesday, April 19, 2016.  Posters will be available for viewing online after the conference. 

All files are in Adobe PDF format.


Impact of Transitioning into a “6+2” Block Schedule on Residents, Preceptors, Clinic Staff, and Hospitalists Abstract Poster
2 Bedside Ultrasonography Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents (BUC-IM) Abstract Poster
3 COMPETITION WINNER!  ‘4+1’ Ambulatory Block Scheduling in Resident Continuity Clinic: Effects on Internal Medicine Resident Care Quality Measures Abstract Poster
4 Impact of an X+Y Residency Training Schedule on the Continuity Clinic Experience Abstract Poster
5 How do Incoming Internal Medicine Interns Self-Assess their Confidence in Performing the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)? Abstract Poster
6 Resident Satisfaction After Implementation of the I-PASS Handoff Bundle Abstract Poster
7 Building Resilient Teams:  Senior Resident Experience with Difficult Clinical Events Abstract Poster
8 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teaching Hospitalists Abstract Poster
9 Cap Assisted Colonoscopy Enhances Quality Based Competency in Colonoscopy among Trainees:  A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract Poster
10 Telephone Encounters in an Internal Medicine Residency Clinic Abstract Poster
11 A Healthy Discharge:  Decreasing COPD Readmission Rates Abstract Poster
12 The Hospitalist Elective National Survey (HENS) Abstract Poster
13 Flipping the Quality Improvement Classroom in Residency Education Abstract Poster
14 Minimizing Harm, A Novel Approach to Teaching Safety Using a Team Based, Inter-professional Simulation Model in Residency Training Abstract Poster

Programmatic Innovations

15 SWOT: Harnessing Resident Feedback to Drive Institutional Change Abstract Poster
16 Standardizing the Discharge Process with the Resident-Led Discharge Appointment Abstract Poster
17 Designing Continuity Clinic in the “Plus Y” Week: The Devil is in the Details! Abstract Poster
18 Development of a Wellness Curriculum to Combat Burnout, Isolation, and Compassion Fatigue Abstract Poster
19 If You Build It They Will Come: An Innovative, Systematic, Multi-Faceted Approach to Creating a Successful, Well-Attended Noon Conference Abstract Poster
20 Enhanced Resident Accountability as a Means to Improve Performance on the ABIM Certifying Examination Abstract Poster
21 Matching Millennials: Creation of a Mobile-friendly Education Website for Internal Medicine Residents Abstract Poster
22 From the Ground Up: A Grassroots Approach to Teaching High Value Care Abstract Poster
23 A Novel Internal Medicine Continuity Clinic Redesign Utilizing a Series of Month-Long Ambulatory Block Rotations Abstract Poster
24 The Chief Debrief: Here's a Way to get the Real Story on Teaching Attendings Abstract Poster
25 Resident Progress Note Improvement via a Standardized Template Abstract Poster
26 Huddle Up: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reduce Chaos in Resident Clinic Abstract Poster
27 A Longitudinal Simulation Curriculum: Using X+Y to Create a Novel and Universal Educational Experience for all Interns Abstract Poster
28 Improved Access to Healthcare Amongst Residents-A Health and Wellness Initiative Abstract Poster
29 Tailoring Ward-Based Teaching to Resident Needs Using MKSAP Questions Abstract Poster
30 Transforming Traditional M&M Into an Interactive QI Conference Abstract Poster
31 #BoardPrep: Using Social Media for EBM and Board Review Abstract Poster
32 The Humanism Project-Teaching Medicine Residents How to Care for Patients Abstract Poster
33 Cultivating a Culture of Patient Safety Abstract Poster
34 Marrying Skills and Knowledge: An Innovative Ambulatory Half Day Curriculum Abstract Poster
35 Point of Care Training: A Novel Approach to Providing Education While on Night Float Abstract Poster
36 A Novel Approach to a Historic Conference: Multidisciplinary Morbidity and Mortality Conference Abstract Poster
37 Bang for Your Buck: A Four Hour QI Curriculum Abstract Poster
38 Point of Care Ultrasound Faculty Development Abstract Poster
39 Improving Trainees’ Diagnostic Reasoning Through Structured Peer Feedback Abstract Poster
40 The Room of Risk: Enhancing Resident Awareness of Patient Safety Through Simulation Abstract Poster
41 Variations on the Traditional Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Format:  What’s Your Favorite Flavor of M&Ms? Abstract Poster
42 Learning by Doing – Experience with a Chief Resident Led Quality Improvement Curriculum in Our VA Continuity Clinic Abstract Poster
43 The Discharge Process and Unexpected < 30-day Readmissions:  Lessons Learned from Our Residents – Results from a Novel Curriculum Pilot Project Abstract Poster
44 COMPETITION WINNER!  Examining the Personalization of Residency Curriculum Abstract Poster
45 Transitions of Care:  Improving the Quality of Discharge Summaries Completed by Internal Medicine Residents Abstract Poster
46 Mentoring Matters-A Novel Approach Abstract Poster
47 Small Group Quality Improvement Making Big Impacts Abstract Poster
48 A Resident-Directed Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Patient Safety Reporting Abstract Poster
49 Stepwise Approach in Improving Residents’ Competency in Providing High Value Care through a Curricular Innovation Abstract Poster
50 Bridging the Gap:  Post-Hospitalization Clinic Visits by the Inpatient Resident Abstract Poster
51 Re-Orienting our Residents: Easing the Transition from Intern to Leader Abstract Poster
52 An Internal Medicine Didactic Curriculum Undergoes a 21st Century Redesign Abstract Poster
53 Introducing a Formal Ultrasound Curriculum into Internal Medicine Residency Abstract Poster
54 For Residents by Residents:  Promoting Mental Health and Wellness by Creating a Program-Specific Residency “Survival Guide” Abstract Poster
55 Taste-Testing a New Feedback Sandwich:  Immediate Peer and Learner Feedback of Faculty Morning Report Abstract Poster
56 Bringing the Continuity Back to Outpatient Training:  An Enhanced Continuous Ambulatory Program for Primary Care Residents Abstract Poster
57 Project Based Learning:  A Novel Approach to Embolden Academic Milieu in Residency Program Abstract Poster
58 A Comprehensive Approach to Promote Research Scholarship during Internal Medicine Residency in an Academic Medical Center Abstract Poster
59 Holding Hands:  The Impact of Resident Mentor Teams for Incoming Interns Abstract Poster
60 Initiation of a Resident Wellness Program at a University Based Internal Medicine Program Abstract Poster
61 Incentivizing What Really Matters to Your Residency Program Abstract Poster
62 Reporting Milestones Opportunities:  Feedback from the Field Abstract Poster
63 Pilot of an Embedded Discharge Scheduler for a Patient-Centered Discharge Process Abstract Poster
64 Orienting New Interns to Continuity Clinic—a “Boot Camp” Approach Abstract Poster
65 Using Technology to Get Real-Time, Competency-Based Patient Evaluations of Residents in Multiple Settings Abstract Poster
66 Reinvigorating the Culture of Bedside Medicine:  Results of a Needs Assessment on Residents’ Cardiopulmonary Examination Attitudes and Skills Abstract Poster
67  Building A Curriculum in Evidence-Based Bedside Diagnosis Abstract Poster
68   I-Spy On I-PASS:  Medical Student Auditing of Patient Handoffs Abstract Poster