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2018 APDIM Fall Meeting
Call for Workshops

The call for workshops for the 2018 APDIM Fall Meeting is now open.

Workshop submitters will be notified of the results of the selection process in May.

The 2018 APDIM Fall Meeting is designed to offer in-depth, hands-on workshops to develop the professional, leadership, and technical skills of professionals in academic internal medicine. Workshops focus on common themes that will allow individuals to create their own learning experience at the conference. Themes will include  the business of medicine, professional development, faculty development, technology, research, and more.Workshops will allow for ample opportunity for interaction and questions from the audience; the educational format will give attendees tools and skills that they can implement immediately upon returning to their institution.

AAIM encourages multi-site, collaborative workshop proposals that provide community-based and university-based program perspectives.

The deadline to submit workshop and seminar proposals is Friday, March 2, 2018. Staff will notify proposal submitters of the status of their submission in May.

Please note:

  • AAIM does not waive registration fees or reimburse expenses for workshop presenters.
  • Each workshop may have no more than four presenters.
  • Workshop presenters may not have their name on more than two proposals.
  • AAIM does not provide computers or Internet access for workshop presentations. Requests for internet access will be considered on a case by case basis, and are likely to incur charges that will be the responsibility of the presenters.
  • AAIM must approve any additional equipment brought in for educational or presentation purposes prior to arrival onsite; workshop presenters will be responsible for any extra costs incurred in shipping, storing, securing, setting up, or using such equipment.
  • All workshop rooms will only be set in theater style for the maximum number of people allowed. Different room sets will not be available.
  • Individuals who have never before presented a workshop at a national meeting can request a workshop mentor.

Submit a proposal

Please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or
educationalprograms@im.org with any questions.

Workshop and Seminar Submission Tips

Looking for advice on submitting a workshop? Check out the Top 10 Guidelines for Workshops!

Elements of a Successful Workshop:

  • An ideal workshop includes content that is highly applicable to most programs. Many successful workshops, however, are either possibly applicable to a wide variety of training programs or clearly very highly applicable to a smaller number of programs.
  • The most successful workshops allow for interaction between the presenter(s) and the audience as well as sometimes also interaction among audience members. Some workshops break up the audience into smaller groups (i.e., breakout groups) for interactive activities.
  • Many successful workshops present innovations in enhancing the work of academic internal medicine, reveal novel approaches to common challenges, or focus on “hot button” issues that are newly recognized or evolving issues.
  • The most successful workshops are excellent presentations that provide the audience with specific “deliverables” (for example, an annotated bibliography, specific curricular tools, and worksheets) that allow attendees to easily replicate curricula or enact programmatic change.