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CDIM Webinar Series

The CDIM webinar series is part of the association's commitment to provide members with educational opportunities between in-person meetings. The free series includes one hour webinars on popular, relevant topics.

Registration Information

  • Registration for each webinar will only be available online.
  • Each webinar may have up to 500 participants and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Individuals can now dial in from any phone line; there is no limit per institution. Registration will close after 500 slots have been filled.
  • Below are tips that will help the conference run smoothly.
    • Please be sure to check your Internet, LCD projector, or computer, and telephone set-up prior to the conference start time.
    • Log on at least 10 minutes before the conference will begin. If you have not used WebEx before, you may need to download ActiveX controls.
    • Mute your telephone during the presentation. DO NOT place the call on hold as this may result in all attendees hearing "elevator" music.
    • The call is one hour (40-minute presentation followed by 20 minutes for questions). Please hold your questions until after the presentation. During the presentation, you can send your questions to the host using the GoToMeeting online tool.
  • The webinar will be recorded and posted online after the session.

Past Webinars

September 2016

Career Development for Clinician Educators – Securing Promotion

Download webinar recording

August 2016

Millenial Learners

Download webinar recording

June 2016

Digital Gymnastics--Learn from Our Experiences Using Video to Flip Our Clerkship Curriculum

Download webinar recording

May 2016

Why Does This Learner Perform Poorly on Tests? A Method to Diagnose the Problem and Implement Solutions

Download webinar recording

April 2016

NBME Medicine Subject Examination: Scoring, Inferences, and New Measures

Download webinar recording

Interested in a Past Webinar Topic?

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