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Who Should Attend the Meeting

APM Members

All APM members—institutional, affiliate, and emeritus—are invited to attend the 2017 APM Winter Meeting, the association’s premier membership gathering.

Other Departmental Faculty

Each APM member—institutional, affiliate, and emeritus—is encouraged to invite up to two faculty members from their institution to join them at the 2017 APM Winter Meeting.  All invited faculty will participate fully in the meeting and must pay the participant registration fee to attend.  If you would like to invite faculty members, please contact educationalprograms@im.org.

Invited faculty will not represent the association member at the winter meeting; APM expects all members who intend to invite faculty to also participate themselves.  Registrations for invited guests may be cancelled at APM’s discretion if the institutional or affiliate member does not register.

Please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or educationalprograms@im.org if you need any additional information.