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Frequently Asked Questions about the New Academic Internal Medicine Week—Coming in 2017!

Arriving in spring 2017, the new Academic Internal Medicine Week will bring improvements to every aspect of the current meeting portfolio, including timing, resource management, educational content, networking, and branding.  Review the most frequently asked questions about this evolution! 

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Why is it important to have all constituent organizations represented at Academic Internal Medicine Week?

A combined meeting provides improved opportunity to learn together and from each other face-to-face educational activities, provides greater opportunities for networking, and reinforces that the alliance is a unified organization.combined meeting provides an opportunity to learn together and from each other in both educational and networking components of the conference and reinforces that the alliance is a unified organization.

Why did the AAIM Board of Directors make the decision to change Academic Internal Medicine Week?

The AAIM Board reviewed the deliberations of the AAIM Educational Program Planning Task Force, constituent councils, and feedback from the 2014 member needs assessment and decided that the Alliance would benefit from a single conference that represented all of its constituents. Because of the constraints of interviewing season for residency and fellowship programs and the conflict with several conferences that AAIM members attend (such as AAMC and MGMA), spring works for a larger proportion of the Alliance.

Why is a combined meeting a benefit to the individual constituent organizations?

A combined meeting provides better access to experts within and across the Alliance for education and networking as well as provides access to more high-profile speakers. A combined meeting also provides considerable efficiency and resource streamlining opportunities that will enable the Alliance to invest those resources to support the new and expanded meeting experience.

How much time will my organization have “on our own”?

Each organization will have one to two days of education and networking opportunities offered specifically to meet their member organization needs and priorities.

Will AAIM still offer precourses?

Precourses and the APM New Chairs and Emerging Leaders Program will still be offered the day prior to the start of the conference.

What happens to the APDIM Chief Residents Meeting?

The chief residents will continue to meet for two days (one overlapping with the first day of the organization meetings) at the new spring Academic Internal Medicine Week.

Will the joint programming be combined for everyone, every time?

Each organization will have one-half day of combined education with one or more additional organizations to allow the natural synergies, such as APDIM and CDIM or APM and AIM or ASP and APDIM, to emerge.

Why move the new consolidated Academic Internal Medicine Week to the spring?

For the consolidated meeting to meet the needs of individual member organizations, the schedule accounted for the large number of national internal medicine subspecialty professional meetings, many of which occur in fall, as well as the predominant season for departmental budget planning. Likewise, the fall subspecialty fellowship interview and match process and the residency application and interview process presented scheduling challenges for a truly consolidated meeting.

When in the spring will the new Academic Internal Medicine Week occur?

The new Academic Internal Medicine Week seeks to take advantage of the window between rank list submission and match week. This timing will help avoid conflicts with the ACP Annual Session, SGIM Meeting, and many other spring subspecialty society meetings.

Does AAIM need to have two major meetings per year?

The member needs survey conducted in summer 2014 identified “in‐person” meetings as the single most popular venue for educational programming and networking among members.

What happens to awards that are usually presented in the fall?

These award presentations will move to the spring with the new Academic Internal Medicine Week.  Be on the lookout for changes to the nominations timelines!

How will it be planned?

A“central committee” will set the strategic direction of the education portfolio for AAIM and ensure that the content and purpose of various offerings complement each other rather than conflict or overlap. The program planning for the new Academic Internal Medicine Week will be handled by subcommittees made up of the existing program planning committees.

Will a combined meeting cost more?

At this time, the Alliance is not predicting any substantial increase in the registration fee. Typically, a larger combined conference provides more “bargaining power” for hotel room rates, housing blocks at multiple hotels with different price points, and better technology options.

What happened to the APM Winter Meeting?

APM’s premier annual meeting will become part of Academic Internal Medicine Week, which ensures that department chairs find plenty of content of interest as well as increase their opportunities to network and collaborate with faculty and staff.

Does a combined meeting reduce the number of opportunities to present a workshop or abstract?

The new and expanded Academic Internal Medicine Week will include more poster abstracts, more workshop sessions, and more workshop offerings in each workshop session.

Why did you take away the APDIM Spring Conference?

The component meetings of the APDIM Spring Conference—the Chief Residents Meeting, the Program Administrators Meeting, the Spring Meeting, and the MPPDA Meeting (in alternate years)--have been incorporated into the new Academic Internal Medicine Week to take advantage of improved networking and cross-educational opportunities.

How will individual member organizations benefit from a combined meeting format?

The new design of AAIM’s in person conferences seeks to balance the power of collaborative educational offerings with the positive track record of established organization-specific content. In the wake of successful joint planning for precourse and plenary sessions—particularly between APDIM and CDIM—the task force felt that other opportunities for joint educational planning among member organizations exist. The best way to engage members of each constituent organization in the production of educational content is for the new Academic Internal Medicine Week to offer opportunities for all members to contribute and benefit.

Is the new meeting longer?

To provide more content and to offer both joint and constituent-specific programming, Academic Internal Medicine Week will go from a three-day conference to a four-day conference.

How will I find people “like me”?

In addition to meeting your colleagues during the individual constituent programming sections of Academic Internal Medicine Week, the content of the joint programming will naturally bring together like-minded people in formal and informal educational opportunities.

Will more people attend?

AAIM anticipates that a move to the spring will reduce conflicts for members to allow participation to continue increasing (as it has for the past five years!). Moreover, the expansion of the content will be designed to appeal to a broad range of professionals in academic internal medicine.

What venues/cities will we use?

As Academic Internal Medicine Week continues to grow, AAIM will move to convention centers in large and medium-sized cities, such as Baltimore, Nashville, Seattle, or Phoenix, to ensure appropriate meeting space, flight availability, and housing options for participants.

What else will change in the meeting portfolio?

AAIM is pleased to introduce a new “skills development” conference in October 2016 designed to bolster education in leadership and management as well as the professional development of members, particularly early career individuals. The Alliance is also beginning exploration of regional meetings, webinar series, and online learning management platforms; expect more changes as we build an even better portfolio of member services!

Download a PDF of the frequently asked questions

A combined meeting provides improved opportunity to learn together and from each other face-to-face educational activities, provides greater opportunities for networking, and reinforces that the alliance is a unified organization.