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High Value Care Learner Assessment Tools

Assessing resident or student understanding of high value care principles

These member submitted tools were reviewed by members of the AAIM High Value Care Work Group. Send AAIM an email if you would like to submit a HVC assessment tool to be included.

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Learner Level

Standardized Cases

Various standardized patient cases with a focus on HVC communication, standardized system cases (OSSIES), and an online virtual patient module that teaches good clinical practice and costs.

Reflection & Narrative

Exercises to help learners recognize medical overuse and reflect more deeply on their own clinical practice and experiences with patients.


Decision support checklist of tests and procedures from Choosing Wisely and a value based care communication checklist developed using the Four Habits Model of communication.

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Facilitated Discussions

Facilitated small group cases focusing on HVC in preventive/screening and an educational conference to explore and identify drivers of medical overuse and associated harms.

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Chart Audits

Chart stimulated recall with focus on diagnostic testing and management decisions  and tool for auditing own or another person's chart for providing preventive care.

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Key Features Exam & Attitudes Scale

15 key features examination and clinical decision-making questions on HVC and an assessment tool for attitudes surrounding HVC practice.

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