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AAIM Diversity Award Description and Criteria

About the Award

Formerly an APM award, the AAIM Diversity Award was created to promote ethnic, racial, and gender diversity in departments of internal medicine.  The award is presented to an individual who has effectively improved diversity within medical schools or who has worked to ensure patients of all races and ethnicities receive the highest quality of care.  The award is presented during Academic Internal Medicine Week.

Nomination Criteria

Open to any eligible candidate regardless of specialty or AAIM affiliation, the award recognizes:

  • An individual’s meritorious achievement in improving racial, ethnic, and/or gender diversity at a medical school.


  • An individual who has focused his or her research on addressing health care disparities and improving the level of care received by women and/or minorities.

Nominations must include clear evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the individual’s initiative(s) to improve diversity at his or her institution or research to address health care disparities. 

Nominations should include qualitative and quantitative results of the initiative(s) or research.  Particular consideration will be given to these data when reviewing nominations.  

Nomination Information

Nominations must be submitted online.

Self-nominations are not accepted for this award.

A nomination packet must include:

  • A completed nomination form.
  • One nomination letter detailing either the initiative(s) to improve diversity and the results of the initiative(s) or the applicant’s research to address health care disparities.
  • Additional letters supporting the nomination.  Please note, the committee will consider a maximum of three additional letters of support.
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Selection Process

The AAIM Diversity and Inclusion Committee will review completed nominations and recommend a recipient to the AAIM Board of Directors for final approval.  All nominations will be considered for the year they are nominated as well as the following two years.


For more information regarding the AAIM Diversity Award, please contact AAIM Academic Affairs at (703) 341-4540 or academicaffairs@im.org.