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Academic Internal Medicine Insight

Insight is the quarterly publication of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine.  It covers a variety of issues from current research to faculty development, updates from key AAIM leaders, interviews with experts, and policy news. A print copy is distributed to more than 10,000 individuals in academic internal medicine. If you are not receiving Insight, please check with your institution’s mailroom before you contact publications@im.org.

Volume 15, Issue 3

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Featured In This Issue

  • Use of Student-Generated Questions and Audience Response Systems Improves Student Perceptions of Internal Medicine
    Interactive Lectures
    Nathan M. Anderson, MD, and David V. O’Dell, MD

  • Formally Assessing SBP-2 in a Fellowship Program 
    Brandi Reeves, MD, Fiona Cunningham, Thomas G. Knight, MD, Tomohiro F. Nishijima, MD,
    Damon Houghton, MD, and Frances A. Collichio, MD

  • Beefing Up the Acting Internship: A Pilot Project Adding Structure in an Unstructured Environment
    Adam M. Garber, MD, FACP, Lindsey Hall, MPH, Stephanie Goldberg, MD, FACS

  • Managing from the Middle: A Survey of Chief Medical Resident Perceptions of Leadership Skills
    Sarah B. Merriam, MD, MS, Jennifer A. Corbelli, MD, MS, Scott D. Rothenberger, PhD,
    Kwanho Jeong, MS, and Shanta Zimmer, MD

  • Point: Pass/Fail Grading Is Superior to Letter or Numerical Grading for Medical School Courses
    K. Ramsey McGowen, PhD

  • Counterpoint: Pass/Fail Grading Is Superior to Letter or Numerical Grading for Medical School Courses
    Stephen A. Geraci, MD

  • Resilience among Senior Residents: An Initial Characterization of Difficult Clinical Events and Resilience
    Michelle T. Martinchek, MD, MPH, Amber-Nicole Bird, MD, and Amber T. Pincavage, MD

  • Collective Wisdom: Assigning Honors Grades in a Multi-Site Internal Medicine Clerkship through Team Calibration
    Cindy J. Lai, MD, Tal Ann Ziv, MD, Margaret Wheeler, MD, Steven Stolz, MD, and
    Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD


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