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To promote career development for department and division administrators, the Administrators of Internal Medicine (AIM) sponsors numerous activities and initiatives.  These activities provide opportunities for departmental and divisional administrators to disucss emerging topics, share best practices, and network with colleagues.


 AIM Webinar Series

As part of AIM’s commitment to provide members with educational opportunities throughout the year, AIM has launched the an ongoing series of free webinars.  AIM will provide members with opportunities throughout the year to participate in presentations on topics that are important to the membership.

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ AIM Regional Meetings

In an effort to maintain connection among AIM members throughout the year, the AIM Member Services Committee coordinates the implementation of regional meetings.


AIM will host multiple one-day regional meetings around the country throughout the year.  The goal of these meetings is to provide a networking experience for AIM members and an opportunity for members to learn about a specific initiative, particularly a project at the host institution.  These meetings should compliment the educational conference and not detract from the educational conference’s content and attendance.


  • The meetings are marketed to AIM members, but participation is open to all institutions regardless of location or AIM membership.
  • Each meeting will host approximately 20-25 individuals.


  • There is no registration fee for participants. 

Sponsoring Institutions: 

Institutions that would like to host a regional meeting are encouraged to coordinate a regional planning committee to lead the effort and manage the logistics.  The regional planning committee must submit a proposal to the AIM Member Services Committee approximately 12 weeks prior to the proposed date of the seminar.  The member services committee will respond to proposals within four weeks of receiving them.  The formal proposal will provide an outline of all information regarding the regional meeting including the topic that will be discussed; logistics of hosting the meeting; the primary individual’s contact information; and the date and exact location of the meeting.  The formal proposal will be submitted to the AIM office using the Regional Meeting Application Form.

Regional Meetings in 2009:

Planning for the 2009 AIM Regional Meetings are currently in progress.  Meeting information will be available in early 2009. 

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