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Clerkship administrators (CAs) play an important role in the success of internal medicine clerkships.  To promote career development for these individuals, the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) sponsors numerous activities for CAs.  These activities provide opportunities for CAs to disucss emerging topics, share best practices, and network with colleagues.


 Message From Your Chair

Looking Forward

I recently attended the AAIM New Leader Orientation in Washington, DC. Reflecting on that meeting, I keep coming back to how grateful I am to be a member of AAIM and CDIM. We are part of a dynamic organization, one that truly shapes the face of medical education. The organizations that form the Alliance serve almost 8,000 professionals in academic internal medicine. Under the new membership structure implemented in July 2012, the CDIM Clerkship Administrators group has grown to 154 members (and counting). Welcome to all our new members!

As we continue to align under the AAIM structure, several changes will take place this year. Our Membership Committee is now Member Services. Our Research and Publications Committee will split into the Research Committee and Publications Committee in January 2014. We will have a third workshop in the CDIM national meeting each year starting this October (Saturday afternoon). And for next year’s meeting in Washington, DC, we will have clerkship administrator representation on the CDIM Planning Committee’s task force to review and select workshops.

We are one of the fastest growing groups in AAIM, which I find exciting and challenging. While having our numbers grow is wonderful, it becomes meaningless if new members don’t get involved. Currently, only 1/3 of our members are active on a committee or the Clerkship Administrators Advisory Council (CAAC). I would love to see more members become active this year. We have five committees dedicated to serving members’ needs, each with a number of projects. As we work to share information from our committees throughout the year, please consider joining one if you haven’t already done so. Members can join at any time and the time commitment is flexible. This is your professional organization – we need your input and participation to make it a valuable resource for everyone!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. I look forward to meeting new members in New Orleans in October and working with all of you throughout the year!

Kerrie L. Quirk
Medical College of Wisconsin
2013-2014 Chair of  CDIM Clerkship Administrators Advisory Council

 CA Activities and Initiatives

Precourse for Clerkship Administrators:
This precourse is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and share unique solutions to administrative responsibilities. Presentations will address leadership, career development, communication, and presentation skills. Ample time will be allowed for networking. This precourse is designed for staff who administer the internal medicine clerkship or who interact regularly with students and residents in an educational context; administrators at all experience levels are welcome.

CDIM National Meeting:
Each CDIM national meeting features workshops for clerkship administrators.  These small group sessions discuss key issues for administrators, allowing for open discussion and networking. 

CDIM Administrators Dinner:
Held annually in the evening following the CDIM Clerkship Administrators precourse during Academic Internal Medicine Week the CA Membership Committee plans this event and finds a location for all of us to join together for dinner and time for connecting.  It is dutch treat.

Certification for Clerkship Administrators:
The CA Professional Development Committee works with the Administrators/Coordinators Certification in Undergraduate Medical Education (ACUME) offering a certification for all disciplines in undergraduate medical education that is now available.  Additional information is available at

Community Giving Initiative:
Students Overcome with Adequate Resources (SOAR).  Have you ever wanted a chance to pay forward the opportunities you have been blessed with?  That time has come; the CDIM Clerkship Administrators/Coordinators has developed a new project called SOAR.  The idea behind the project is to pay forward to an underserved school in the host city of our national meeting with by collecting and donating needed school supplies.  We are in the business of education; what better way to pay forward than to help out a school in need?  We may very well be providing a student with support to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.   CDIM Council and APDIM Council and Administrators will be helping us to build upon this program in the coming year.

Clerkship Administrators Mentoring Program:
The CDIM Membership Committee and Clerkship Administrator Advisory Council announced the launch of the Clerkship Administrators Mentor Program, or CAMP, to our members. The vision of this program is to create and nurture networking and professional relationships amongst our members. Individuals who wish to participate in this program are asked to submit an application form to facilitate the pairing process. If you wish to work with someone in particular, please contact me at; we are happy to set that up for you.

2013 CAMP Application

2013 CAMP Reflection Guide

The Guidebook for Undergraduate Medical Education
The CDIM Clerkship Administrators are proud to announce development of a new resource, The Guidebook for Undergraduate Medical Education Administration.  Building on the success of our previous publication, A Guidebook for Clerkship Administration, GUMEA seeks to support continued growth and understanding for successful administration of educational programs across all four years of medical school. Professionals from all areas of medical education are encouraged to participate, helping us create a resource to address the needs of our fast-changing environment.  Please join us on this exciting adventure as we prepare for a new era of medical education!

Editorial Board
Martha Chandler, Texas A&M
Kellie Engle, University of Washington
Ann Marie Hunt, University of Pennslyvania
Kerrie Quirk, Medical College of Wisconsin

CDIM Survey of Clerkship Administrators:
Created to collect information about job and salary concerns, survey results help clerkship administrators write resumes, create job descriptions, and provide objective data regarding salary ranges of peers. 

Clerkship Administrators Journal Club
The clerkship administrator’s journal club is an online community to promote yearlong professional development.  Past articles have addressed topics regarding leadership principles, time management, and how to save an unproductive work day.   Healthy discussion has been happening on AAIM connects journal club page.  Articles are sent out every other month and a final discussion is held at the annual meeting.  To join the group and have access to the articles please go to AAIM connect and follow the instructions below.

  • Login to AAIM connect.  The login is located on the top right hand corner of the CDIM webpage.
  • Click on Communities and select join a community by topic (CBT).  Communities is located under the “o” in connect.
  • Scroll down to CBT: Education Communities.  It is the 3rd community.
  • Click on join next to Clerkship Administrators Journal Club.  It is the third choice under Education Communities.
  • Once you have joined the community click on the box under forums on the right hand side of the page to subscribe to your email alerts.

 Tips for Organizing a Clerkship

Experienced clerkship administrators share proven strategies for managing the clerkship in this article.


 Clerkship Administrator Job Description

CDIM has definied a position description for the CAs.  This article provides an overview of CA responsibilities.
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