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APDIM Chief Residents Program

The Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) is proud to offer a year-long program for chief medical residents.  Beginning with the APDIM Chief Residents Meeting, the association strives to provide information and resources to chief medical residents that will enhance and improve the chief residency year.


 Chief Residents Meeting

Every spring, APDIM offers a two-day meeting for incoming chief medical residents.  This meeting introduces chiefs to the world of academic internal medicine and orients them to the challenges they will face in the upcoming year.  A mix of large group plenary sessions and small, hands-on workshops provide chiefs access to information about leadership and teaching skills, professionalism, and management issues.  It is also an opportunity to meet other chief medical residents and network with program directors and program administrators.

 AAIM Connect

As part of the APDIM Chief Residents Program current chief residents have access to AAIM Connect.  AAIM Connect provides valuable opportunities for chief residents to communicate and network with each other throughout the year.

If you have questions about accessing AAIM Connect, please contact


 Residents-as-Teachers Curriculum

The Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) and the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) created the joint Residents-as-Teachers Task Force to provide program directors and clerkship directors with practical and efficient strategies to help residents become more effective teachers in the course of their normal work duties.  Click here for more information.

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