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Jessica L. O'Hara 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Division of Loan Repayment released a notice announcing the next application cycle for the NIH Extramural Loan Repayment Programs (LRP).  Through the extramural LRP, NIH aims to recruit and retain highly qualified research investigators to careers in clinical, pediatric, health disparities, or contraception and infertility research.  The electronic application opens September 1, 2009, and closes December 1, 2009.

According to the notice, NIH intends to commit approximately $70 million annually to repay qualified educational loans in five extramural LRP areas:

·        Extramural LRP for Clinical Research.

·        Extramural Pediatric Research LRP.

·        Extramural LRP for Health Disparities Research.

·        Extramural LRP for Contraception and Infertility Researchers.

·        Extramural Clinical Research LRP for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds.

Each of the five LRPs provide for the repayment of educational loan debt of up to $35,000 annually.  Applicants must have total qualifying educational debt—from undergraduate, graduate, and health professional schools—equal to or in excess of 20% of their institutional base salary at the time of the receipt of the award, which is between July and September of each year.  Additional eligibility criteria can be found by clicking the above link. 

All applications must be submitted electronically via the NIH LRP website.  During the application process, NIH strongly encourages all applicants to review institute or center (IC) specific funding priorities as well as discuss their career interests with an IC scientific liason.  Additional information is available by email at or by contacting the Division of Loan Repayment Information Center at (866) 849-4047.

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